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Architecture & Morality


This is the room
This is the wall
This is the body
I’ve been hoping for
These are the words
I’ve been longing just to say

So this is my goal
The aim of my life
This is the feeling
They warned me about

Oh my God,
What have I done this time
Oh my god,
What have I done his time

The things that you’ve done
You don’t understand
The feeling the longing
The failing that’s gone

(Real heart, stop in
The arms to be
Everything shouting
In the new stone age)

Of my God,
What have we done this time
Oh my God,
What have we done this time

(We’ll start living
In the real stone age)


A new start
A cheap affair
A sordid truth
We’ll never learn
To guide our hearts
We’ll never find
What we deserve

She’s leaving
She waited for so long

She’d pretend
Thant she cared
Invent some tale
Just to gain his heart
But no more dreams
She didn’t dare
She washed her hands
Of this whole affair

She’s leaving
She waited for so long

But as she left
She gave her heart
Abandoned hope
And turned for home
I thought I’d ask
But then again
The more we learn
The less we know


It’s my direction
It’s my proposal
It’s so hard
It’s leading me astray

My obsession
It’s my creation
You’ll understand
It’s not important now

All I need is
I can’t imagine
My destination
My intention
Ask my opinion
But no excuse
My feelings still remain

My feelings still remain


She forgets
Her friends

She’ll not
Leave them

And home

These arms
Fail you


A little catholic girl
Who’s fallen in love
A face on a page
A gift from above

She should have known better
Than to giver her heart
She should have known better
Than to ever part

Without me
Without me

I gave her everything
That I ever owned
I think she Understood
But she never spoke

She shouldn’t oughta try
To be that way
She shouldn’t have to go there
Ever again

Without me
Without me

Now listen to us good
And listen well
Listen to us all
And everything we tell

We should have known better
Than to giver her away
We should have known better
To this very day

Without me
Without me

Now listen Joan of Arc
All you gotta do
Is say the right words
And I’ll be coming through
Hold you in my arms
And take you
Right away

Now she’s on her way
To another land
We never understood
Why she gave her hand

She shouldn’t oughta promise
Because it’s just pretend
I know she doesn’t mean it
And she’ll leave again

Without me
Without me
Without me
Without me

Joan of Arc (Maid of Orleans)

If Joan of Arc
Had a heart
Would she give it as a gift

To such as me
Who longs to see
How an agnel ought to be

Her dream’s to give
Her heart away
Like an orphan on a wave

She cared so much
She offered up
Her body to the grave




Here we are again
Too good to be friends

Forever, forever, forever

Look at what we’ve done
Three rolled into one

Together, together, together

How can this be true
We thought that we knew you

Forever, forever, forever

We will watch the morning star
Rising home over Georgia
Dancing in the ruins of the western world
Blindfolds on and we don’t care


This is where we start
This now take our hearts

Thus we reach the end
The beginning and the end
You see
I could not try
And here you and I
Parting due to me only

And now