OMD Videos

Please select an album, or a category of videos from the links below. Note that each page will contain the official video for that song, a live version of the song (if it exists) and usually a few surprises like TV performances, sound check performances, or other rare, cool options that exist!

Credit goes to so many OMD fans who have taken the time to record and upload their memories, and the community thanks you for your efforts. We do not monetize anything here at Pat’s World of OMD, rather, this site is created to be an archive of the band’s work that will hopefully last well beyond our time here and beyond.

There are simply too many to credit here, but there some that should be recognized such as Neil Taylor, Roger Erickson, Steve Barnes, Steve Morley, Stephen Cork and many, many others. I believe the OMD fandom is grateful for your contributions!




OMD Fan Parties

One Mad Day 2000

1992 Telegraph Event

Interview with Andy during the 1997 convention (courtesy of Neil Taylor)!

OMD Fan Event 2014

1997 Fan Convention filmed by yours truly

OMD Live Shows (some complete, others are not…)

Drury Lane 1981

Paul Humphries solo tour 2000

Greenpeace 1985

South Africa 1993

Leicester 2017

English Electric Tour 2013

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic 2016

Punishment of Luxury Listening Party

Fort Lauderdale 2018

Live Sheffield Hall 1985

Enola Gay Liverpool Lights

Messages Liverpool Lights

One More Time Liverpool Lights

The Punishment of Luxury Liverpool Lights

Souvenir Liverpool Lights

OMD EPK’s (Electronic Press Kits) and others

Junk Culture

A Short Film About Sugar Tax

From Factory to Liberty

OMD Electropop Top 10

Andy on Never Mind the Buzzcocks

Crush the Movie

If You Leave

Official Video

1986 TV Performance

Official Live Video

Johnnies Bike Shop

London 2013


Official Video

Hammersmith Apollo 2019

UK TV Performance

Toronto 2018