So In Love

Released: 13/5/85

Format Cat. No. Country Description Value
VSD766 + ‘MARIA GALLANTE’ / ‘WHITE TRASH (Live)’.G/fold PS. Black Skull. £3-4
VS766 White Skull image PS. £1-2
VS766MSX215797 Tracks & PS as UK 7”. Black Skull. £5-6
VS1268 Tracks as UK. £5-6
90200PM102 As above. White Skull. Label incorrectly states A & B-Sides extended. £5-6
SA1043 Tracks as above. Record Company PROMO sleeve. £7-8
107330100 Tracks & PS as UK 7”. White Skull. £3-4
VIN45150 As above. £5-6
JBV269 Juke box promo. No PS. B/W MICHAEL CRETU. £7-8
VA1020 Tracks as UK 7”. White Skull PS with Japanese text + lyric insert. £9-12
S1050 Tracks as UK 7”. No P/S. Spanish title ‘Muy Enamorado’. £13-15
VS766 Tracks & PS as UK 7”. £7-8
144710208 b/w ‘ENOLA GAY’. No PS. £21-25
None 5" record pressed on a picture postcard. 1 track. Thought to be Polish. £13-15
A107330 Tracks & PS as UK 7”. (Amended 19/10/06) £3-4
N/K As UK Double 7” issue. £7-8
AM2746 Tracks as UK 7”. White Skull PS with ‘CRUSH’ LP advert on reverse. £5-6
AM2746 Double A-Sided PROMO on tinted vinyl. PS as UK. £5-6
VS76612 7” mix / ‘CONCRETE HANDS (Ext)’+‘MARIA GALLANTE’. White Skull PS. £3-4
VS76613 Extended A-Side. Incorrect label. PS-Skeleton image. Some sleeves stickered. £5-6
VS76614 Remixed A-Side. New Cat.No. on run-out groove. PS as above. Some stickered. £7-8
VSY76614 Black Skull PICTURE DISC. Tracks as above. £9-12
VS766MX215799 Tracks as UK VS76612. Black Skull image. £7-8
9900057 4 Track PROMO. (Inc. Thompson Twins, Hall & Oats + General Public) £13-15
VSX1268 Tracks as UK VS76612. PS as UK with extra text. White Skull image. £5-6
VSX1268 Tracks & PS as UK VS76613. Skeleton image sleeve. (Amended 19/10/06) £5-6
6001777213 Tracks & PS as UK VS76612. Some play UK extended mix. (Amended 19/10/06) £5-6
F601777 Tracks as UK VS76612. PS slightly different. £5-6
SP12143 ‘Special Dance Mix’/ ‘CONCRETE HANDS (Ext)’. White Skull PS. £9-12
SP12143 Special Dance Mix' / '7" mix'. PS incorrectly states tracks as above. £9-12
SP17332 Double A-Side UK 7” Version. PROMO. No PS. £9-12
MWDN8032 ‘DISCONET’ DJ Remix. PROMO. Includes edit of Extended Remix. (Amended 19/10/06) £13-15