The Peter Saville Exhibition

Peter Saville became responsible for creating the sleeves and artwork for many contemporary bands of the 1980's including Joy Division, New Order, Ultravox, OMD as well as most of the publicity material for Factory records. This page is just a few of my personal photographs of just some of the OMD exhibits. The quality of some images is diminished due to taking the photos through glass but I hope these give a flavour of just how impressive this showcase was.

above: The 'OMITD' LP in it's various guises together with the book that inspired the iconic grid design.

above & below: The 'Electricity' 7" with background info and original artwork.

below: One of a kind? The original concept of having a die cut cover for the 'Red Frame / White Light' 7" was never used (you can see the record label through the grid!)

below: A page from the sheet metal design book that inspired those early OMD releases.


above & below: The sleeve variations for 'A&M' together with the Tour Programme. The hardback book at the bottom right of the top image was the one that the album title was taken from.


above: 7" sleeve and original artwork for 'Maid Of Orleans'.

above & below: 'Dazzle Ships' sleeve, original draught and source material.

below: Original draught and set photos for the 'Dazzle Ships' Tour together with Tour Programme.


above: 'Telegraph' and 'Genetic Engineering' exhibits.

above: 'Talking Loud & Clear' 12" together with a book of source material.

above & below: Two exceptionally striking OMD posters. The 'white' lozenges in the top image are, in fact, cut out showing the wall behind!

below: The ultimate accessory for the OMD 'anorak'?

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