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It’s hard for us to believe that something that was born out a conversation between two fans en route to a Fan Gathering would evolve into probably the most comprehensive and complete catalogue of OMD’s Worldwide releases.

The first copies of ‘cOMpileD’ were produced on a 1Mb Amiga Home Computer, included hand drawn graphics and ran to 50 copies. We believed that this was something that every fan would want but our initial enthusiasm was dampened when we only sold 8 books at the following year’s ‘Telegraph Trip’. We very nearly decided to give up on the project but for Jan & Mike Humphreys (who ran the ‘OMD Info Service’ at the time) who asked to see a copy and posted a glowing review in the next Newsletter.

"The 'Compiled' magazine, which I have seen, is absolutely excellent and has involved an inordinate amount of work from Ian Hayter and Kevin Pretlove - I just gasp at the enormity of it all! An essential and irreplaceable item for the OMD Fan - get yours NOW! Wonderful! Brilliant! and Unique! As well as being a comprehensive listing of OMD releases world-wide, with collectors' price band guide and quick reference as to just how extensive your own collection is, there are insights into the circumstances surrounding the tracks and their creators plus previews and trivia. I'm sure Paul and Andy would be riveted to, and amazed by, this mini-monument of achievement which spans twenty years and so, surely, will you be! Thanks Ian and Kevin for this prize!" - Jan Humphreys, Info Service News, Feb 1997

The very first copies of Compiled (produced in 1997) were 44 page A5 booklets comprising basic text and hand drawn graphics! The cover artwork was a very basic cut, paste & photocopy effort which, today, looks rather sad!

Some reckon these could be worth a small fortune in years to come! ;-)



Very soon we’d sold our remaining copies, established global contact with other fans and were able to update our information more easily and take ‘cOMpileD’ on to the next stage of it’s evolution. All this, and a personal letter from Andy McCluskey praising our efforts, was just the catalyst we needed.

"Dear Ian & Kevin. I have just received a copy of 'Compiled' that Jan Humphreys has sent to me. I am, frankly, amazed at how comprehensive it seems to be - it must have taken forever! You two obviously know much more than I do about my own catalogue. Paul Humphreys and I are hoping to add to the list of releases next year with at least one final single and a definitive compilation album. Cheers for now, Andy McCluskey." - Letter from Andy in 1997


"Well done lads the new site looks cool........good luck." - Email from Mal, Sept 2001

The changing face of Compiled...

(1)   (2)   (3)

(1) Compiled Vol.2 A4 42pages. Thin photocopied paper with plastic strip binder.

(2) Compiled 'Final Edition' Vol.3 A4 45 pages. Heavy bonded paper with strip binder and PVC protective cover and a custom choice of colours for the cover! It also featured colour images.

(3) Compiled Vol.4 'Special Edition' Produced especially for One Mad Day 2000 and limited to about 30 copies. Heavy bonded paper, PVC cover and 'heat bound'. Colour graphics as well as a full colour gloss front page with new artwork (courtesy G.Beck)

The Final version of the Discography ran to 45 A4 pages and detailed just over 800 different OMD global releases. Every copy was custom printed on bonded paper, had a glossy cover and, for the first time, included colour graphics and scanned images. Within weeks of its launch in early 2000 the entire print run sold out but we decided to cease production of the printed book and work towards a Web based version that you see here today. However, a very limited run of copies were produced for the 'One Mad Day 2000' event.

Spreading the Compiled Gospel...

During it's existence we produced our own Newsletters for our readers. These enabled them to keep up to date with new items for the Compiled catalogue as well as informing them as to what was going on in the world of OMD. On top of this we included many features to keep everyone entertained including a resident 'Agony Aunt', competitions and a For sale/Wanted section.

The first Newsletter was sent out in April 1997 and these were published on a regular Quarterly basis until the last issue in November 2000.


At it's peak the Compiled Newsletter was being circulated to nearly 250 OMD fans around the globe including Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, USA, Brazil and, of course, the UK & Ireland.

We acknowledge the fact that this catalogue is by no means complete! We have deliberately omitted certain items (White label Promos for example) and accept the fact that there will be artefacts in existence that we have yet to discover. However, these undiscovered items amount to just a small percentage of the detailed information contained herein.

Compiled factoids...

The 1997 cover art that got rejected! (I have to admit it is horrible!)

The original collage cover art for the A4 editions

A large part of the success of this project is due to all the dedicated OMD fans who stuck by us and unselfishly answered our requests, whether it be for information or more money! Over the years our core aim has been that ‘cOMpileD’ is provided ‘by Fans for Fans’ and everyone who has contributed to this project since 1995 should feel proud of the result.

The Compiled Project has been an education and a joy to work on (although it has caused us a few headaches along the way!). We never dreamed that a small book would generate so much interest (or, in one case, animosity!), which would last so long. We have made strong bonds and friendships with like-minded people around the globe and we value most highly the knowledge and respect we have gained for our efforts. We hope you enjoy YOUR site and find the information contained herein informative, educational and enlightening.

Kevin Pretlove & Ian Hayter

The 'cOMpileD Boys'

Kevin Pretlove  (aka 'Aggy' & 'Orchmeister')

Originally conceived the 'Compiled' idea. Responsible for the artwork in the early days and now the Chief Designer of the Compiled Web Site. Now based in Newport, Wales he has been a fan of OMD since 1979 and has a considerable OMD collection focussing mainly on vinyl, cassette and CD products from around the world.

Ian Hayter  (aka 'The Architect')

Co-produced the first Compiled book, supplying all the high tech equipment (Amiga PC!). Based in Taunton, UK he is the true 'anorak' of OMD collecting everything from records to Press cuttings! Without his head for stats and ability to organise information the Compiled catalogue would be a right old mess!

 Mark Crouch (aka 'Bootleg Boy')

Mark was an original Compiled subscriber, turned fan, turned wannabee! Considered as a 'pet' by the Compiled Boys in the beginning he has become something of an authority on OMD Concert recordings over the years. Mark is based in Haverhill, UK.

Every effort is made to credit those responsible for any material/images which are not copyright to cOMpileD. This site is a tribute to OMD: a catalogue and reference library. Our objective is not to profit from this information and we have attempted to protect this content from being redistributed by Third Parties as best we can.

If anyone feels that they have been infringed in any way then please contact us with your grievance and we will do our best to rectify the situation.

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