OMD Fan Club/Info Service Newsletter archive

Between 1980 and 1998 some OMD fans were in receipt of Official Newsletters which contained a lot of interesting and in-depth information about the band, their history, tours and forthcoming releases. They also contained contributions from the fans themselves.

The OMD Fan Club underwent several changes in management over the years as the band grew ever popular and eventually became the OMD Information Service (run by Jan & Mike Humphreys) after the OMD Fan Club ceased to exist in 1988 stating a lack of new members for its demise.

Reading these particular archives gives an invaluable insight into events that happened at the time, especially as the band so often took the time to give detailed information on their releases and also events that happened on their Tours. These are scans of my own personal copies and those of Mark Crouch. We hope by sharing these with fellow fans everyone will have an insight to events and developments as they happened at the time.

Note: The first three issues are very hard to read owing to the fact they were A5 in size and printed on grey paper but they do contain some great photos. From the 'Winter 81' issue onwards you should have no problems so get yourself a coffee, read and enjoy!

OMD Fan Club (1980 - 88)

First issue 80

Spring 81  Summer 81   Winter 81

Summer 82  Winter 82

Spring 83  Summer 83  Winter 83

Spring 84  Summer 84  Winter 84

Biography 85  Spring 85  Autumn 85

Biography 86  October 86

June 87

January 88  Final OMD Fan Club Newsletter 88

OMD Info Service (1988 - 98)

Aug 88  Nov 88

Feb 89  Aug 89

Jan 90  Apr 90   Jun/Sep 90

Aug 91  Nov 91

Feb 92  May/Jun 92  Sep 92  Nov 92

Feb 93  May 93  Aug 93  Nov 93

Feb 94   May 94  Aug 94

Feb 95  May 95   Aug/Nov 95  Late 95

Feb 96 May 96 Nov 96

Feb 97  May 97  Aug/Oct 97

Final Info Service Newsletter 98

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