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Before you leave be sure to check out the following OMD related sites...

Andy McCluskey/OMD

Indisputably 'Macca Mecca' and a definite Bookmark candidate.

Paul Humphreys/Claudia Brucken


Paul has joined forces with Claudia Brucken (ex-Propaganda) and together have formed 'Onetwo'. This fantastic partnership has just released their first EP entitled 'Item'. The web site has details on both the history of this collaboration and how to obtain new releases. A Bookmark MUST!

Martin Cooper

'cOMpileD' was the first site to showcase Martin's Fine Art painting career following his departure from OMD and The Listening Pool. He now has his own web site which offers visitors the chance to purchase his works of art. Just click on his name above and bookmark the site.

You should also visit these great Fan Sites...

Pat's 'World Of OMD'

The longest established OMD Fan Site (circa November 1995) maintained by a very nice American guy called Pat Fetty. Everything you'd expect from a hard core OMD fan including video clips, exclusive interviews with Paul Humphreys & Andy McCluskey, Press cuttings, Paul Humphreys USA Tour 2000, The Listening Pool, the 1997 OMD Fan Convention (where he met Andy and, more importantly, the Compiled Boys!) and much, much more!! Bookmark it NOW!

This Fan Site, managed by Neil Taylor, is extensive and contains something of interest for every OMD fan, whether serious or casual. It features Neil's OMD photos, includes screensavers, news articles, a chat page, lyrics, an interactive section, images from previous Fan Gatherings, video and audio material and much more besides! Bookmark it NOW!

The foremost German Fan Site, newly refurbished and updated. It boasts a detailed Biography, Discography, Photo Gallery, Songwords and a Forum. A very comprehensive and professional looking Fan Site. Check it out (If you can't read German then just go and look at the pix!). Bookmark it NOW!

Angel-Manuel Ybanez, an avid OMD fan is one of our longest established Compiled readers/contacts. A Spanish national he now lives and works in Japan. This new site has been up and running for nearly a year (his other site 'The Maid In The Dark' can still be accessed) and contains highly detailed Discographies of both Spanish OMD releases and, more importantly, the most accurate catalogue of Japanese releases that, we have to concede, is far better than ours! This site is being developed constantly so keep checking back every once in a while. Bookmark it NOW!

A unique site offering OMD fans the chance to hear some of their favourite tracks performed by a variety of amateur, semi-pro and professional bands. As well as downloadable tracks the Site has produced CD compilations for the public to buy. With the highly acclaimed 'We Love You' CD under their belt, and WLY2 just released, Jim Shilts and his team continue to keep us all entertained through their tireless efforts. Bookmark it NOW!