OMD Karaoke

To partake in the OMD karaoke songs listed here, you will need to install a karaoke player.  The one I tested with is the Karaoke Builder Player which is a free download and works great with these files.

The easiest way to get this going is to download all the songs in this ZIP file.  When you extract these files, which includes the Karaoke Builder Player installer, make sure you put all the files in the same folder, then run in kbplayer.exe to install the player.  It will automatically look in the directory you kicked off the install from and will recognize the songs and files and just start playing.  Or, you can click the ‘open’ icon on the bottom left of the player and load any song you wish.  The songs included in this package are:

  • Walking on the Milky Way
  • If You Leave (3 versions)
  • Enola Gay
  • Sailing on the Seven Seas
  • OMD vs. Sash (Enola Gay 1998)
  • Tesla Girls