Andy Interview 2010



Back in June of 2010 when some of
the first bits of the upcoming History of Modern tracks were getting leaked,
and heated debates were forming on the official OMD forum, I e-mailed Andy and
asked if he would like to be interviewed about the upcoming album and to speak
about the songs, the choice of single (or non-choice of single, the upcoming
tour, etc.  He mentioned that he was going on holiday in July to
California, so I posed the option of doing an interview over the phone and to
my amazement, he said yes!!!

one afternoon in late July 2010 I rang up Andy in California, and through the
magic of Office Communicator 2010
was able to record our phone conversation as a sound file, then
do some editing on if afterwards.  

The first 20 minutes or so don’t
sound quite as good as the rest as I was tweaking some settings and such, but
after the first 20 minutes, it all sounds great.

What makes this interview SUPER cool
for me was the fact that Andy let me listen to the entire album ahead of time,
and more than once!  During the interview we go track by track through the
entire thing, and let me tell you OMD fans,
this is one BRILLIANT album.  In fact, I’ve gone so
far as saying it is
than Architecture and Morality
(you’ll hear me say it in the

I’d like to once again thank Andy
for being so gracious and allowing me to do this.  This was one of the
most enjoyable conversations I’ve had and I had a great time doing this.

The interview is 90 minutes long, so
feel free to listen to it here, or download it for yourself and listen to it on
your own computer or MP3 player! 




MP3 of interview (214mb) (right click and save file)