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Video Archives

Many thanks to Mr. Barnes for his contributions to this page!

From Factory to Liberty (Liberator EPK)

OMD Live in South Africa (1993) (Thanks to Neil Taylor for uploading!)

OMD English Electric World Tour

OMD Live 1985 Rotterdam

OMD Live 1985 Sheffield

OMD TV and Live Performances (for download)

Note that the number below the file size on each clips is a quality rating I put that clip.

The scale goes from 1-10 and is put in place so that you can gauge whether or not you would like to download that clip since the clips are large in size.  Many of this material is very rare, and very old and all have been taken from tape sources, so your mileage may vary!

Also, for the best experience, I suggest that you download these clips to your hard drive for viewing at your leisure as these will take some time to stream to you if you simply click on the picture link. Many thanks to Steve Barnes and Neal (aka OMDinHolland) for their contributions to this section.

ABC Auto Industry / Genetic Engineering (127mb) (6)
Bunker Soldiers Rare TV Performance (43mb) (4)
Call My Name (75mb) (7)
Call My Name (Kids Show) (58mb) (8)
Dreaming(63mb) (9)
Dream of Me(88mb) (8)
Electricity Rare TV Performance(73mb) (4)
Enola Gay (Sweater Vests) (59mb) (6)
Enola Gay Rare TV Performance(59mb) (4)
Enola Gay Rare TV Performance #2 (59mb) (4)
Enola Gay (Urrrrggghh A Music War) (6mb) (6)
Forever Live and Die (TOTP) (47mb) (8)
Walking on Air (43mb) (5)
Walk Tall (31mb) (5)
Stand Above Me (37mb (7)
Sailing on the 7 Seas (63mb) (7)
Pandora’s Box (45mb) (6)
Pandora’s Box (outdoors) (57mb) (8)
Andy on Never Mind the Buzzcocks (5)